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Multimedia Arts

Curriculum Overview

The Multimedia department prepares students for future careers in the digital arts by teaching with the industry standard tools and software. The student will experience a college level curriculum focusing on projects to build a solid portfolio for college acceptance or entry level careers in the digital arts.

Class Topics

Digital Art Survey

CREDITS: 0.5 credit per semester



Artists are introduced to digital media. Students will learn the basics of photography, graphic design, illustration, cinematography, and animation. Students will learn Photoshop techniques including photo editing, digital painting, and the basics of file. Illustrator techniques including drawing tools to make simple shapes and colors into logos, icons, and graphics. Premiere techniques including importing videos from camera to trim clips, add titles, and adjust audio. Animation techniques including designing and animating simple shapes and characters.


CREDITS: 0.5 credit per semester

PREREQUISITE: Digital art survey or Permission of Instructor.


Photographers learn advanced digital photography and image manipulation. Artists will build on their basic knowledge of photography, including lighting techniques, exposures, and focal lengths. Students will learn Photoshop techniques including color correction, selections, layers, transparencies, and file formats. Projects include composition theory, working with aperture settings, working with shutter speed settings, and a photo scavenger hunt.

Illustration and Graphic Design

CREDITS: 0.5 credit per semester

PREREQUISITE: Digital Art Survey or Permission of Instructor.


Illustrators and designers examine advanced illustration and graphic design skills. Graphic designers design vector graphics to create logos, icons, drawings, typography, and illustrations for print and web. Student will also create an occasional corporate style graphics, including business cards and brochures. Artists will also examine web design to create a website for their artwork.

Film and Animation

CREDITS: 0.5 credit per semester

PREREQUISITE: Digital Art Survey or Permission of Instructor.


Filmmakers explore the film-making process, experimenting with lighting, sound, and video editing. Artists learn how to tell stories through a lens, using framing, props, and various effects to their advantage in Adobe Premiere. Students will experiment with projects, focusing on mini movies, Film Noir, green screen, commercials, and movie scene recreation. Filmmakers use an abstracted piece of video art to take a stand on a societal topic as their he final project.


Animators learn about the process of Flash, the 12 principles of animation, useful shortcut keys, and Classic and Motion Tweens; creating short animations with Flash and still images. Artists experiment with stop-motion, traditional frame-by- frame, and puppet animation.


CREDITS: 0.5 credit per semester

PREREQUISITE: Permission of Instructor.


Yearbook is a year-long course. Artists will work closely as a group on layouts and design, creating the overall theme of the school yearbook. Students will be introduced to photography, journalism, interviewing, proper us of time-management, and deadlines. Dedicated students with knowledge or experience in writing, graphic design, and the arts are encouraged to enroll.


Artists will utilize online publishing programs as well as Adobe products like Photoshop or Illustrator. Students will attend assigned events, have organizational skills, and meet deadlines. Students will work in teams to document special events, departmental recognition, awards, assemblies, clubs, art showcases and performances, etc.