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Debunking Myths About Artists

September 14, 2021

If you are among the creatively blessed on this big blue rock, you’ve more than likely heard many myths about artists. Some of that shade may have been thrown at you. These false perceptions frequently rise from oral or written traditions born out of historic events. And in most cases, they are purely romanticized views...

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Making It As An Artist

August 24, 2021

Conventional wisdom dictates that making it as an artist is tough. And it is. So when parents of highly creative children recognize their kids are struggling to learn in a regular school setting, they may consider an arts-academy middle school and/or high school. There is often hesitancy though because they’re concerned that their child will...

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Practicing Meditation Through Creating Art

August 10, 2021

If you’ve ever transcended to a deep state while painting a picture, playing music, or performing a dance, then you have benefitted from practicing meditation through creating art.  You just may not have realized it. Meditation comes in many different forms. And creating art is a profound way to access a meditative state – as...

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Tolerance Vs. Inclusion

July 27, 2021

One of the buzzwords gaining leverage these days is “tolerance.” But we need to look at tolerance vs. inclusion. Especially in educational settings. There’s a call for schools and other institutions to be more open and tolerant. Particularly to people of other ethnicities or with a sexual orientation that strays from the “norm.” And it’s coming...

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Exposing Your Child to the Arts

July 13, 2021

If you’re the creative type (or even if you’re not) you probably remember a childhood that allowed you space to explore your imagination and to create.  Whether you drew pictures, performed a play, made up a dance, or even fed rocks to the imaginary creature in the sewer grate, your mind was open and your...

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Music As a Noble Profession

June 29, 2021

Given the impact music has on every human being on the planet, it’s rather hard to refute music as a noble profession. Yet given the saturation of noise and overstimulation on the internet and beyond, parents are inclined to discourage their children from a career in music. And this is unfortunate.  Because working in music...

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Technology in Arts Education Environments

June 8, 2021

At one time, the notion of art school was an education afforded only to the wealthy. After all, art supplies were expensive and out of reach for most. Technology in arts education environments has changed that. These days, attending an arts-integrated middle school and high school is completely within reach for an expansive array of...

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The Importance of Arts Education in Middle School

May 18, 2021

Given all the talk on the importance of STEM subjects, are you wondering if arts education in middle school is even relevant? Well, think back, if you can, to a time in your early life when you went forth into every venture with reckless abandon. Whether it was painting and drawing, building sandcastles, singing at...

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The Impact of Social Media on the Arts

May 4, 2021

If you view art exclusively in museums, galleries, or books, you may not be aware of the impact of social media on the arts. And you probably live under a rock. Because even if you despise social media, it’s difficult to escape it completely. And just like everyone else, you’ve likely found it does have...

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When Science Influences Art

April 20, 2021

Science influences art? How could this be? Conventional thinking dictates that science and art are two very separate entities. But conventional thinking rarely contributes much to progress. The reality, known for centuries by those who advocate arts integration education, is that science very much influences art. Think, for a moment, of the quintessential artist-scientist, Leonardo...

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