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Should You Bother With Art School?

If you are graduating from an arts high school (or any high school) and considering options for college, you might be wondering if you should bother with art school.

It’s an important question to ponder, given that college is expensive. Plus, you’ve probably heard that you don’t need a certification or formal education to be an artist.

While that’s true, attending art school will provide benefits that go beyond simple practicality. We’ll take a look.

Why Bother With Art School?

Before we launch into the reasons you should consider art school, it’s important to note that this doesn’t necessarily mean a small specialized art school. Many larger institutions and universities have Schools of Art/Design/Architecture on their campuses. So be sure to do your research when considering a college arts program.

That said, if you’re still on the fence about art school, consider the following eight reasons to attend.

1. Attainment Of Useful Skills

Many believe that art schools only teach art. Obviously, the creation and study of art is at the core of the education. Yet, practical skills are also emphasized. If you want to make a career in art, you’ll learn how to market and price your work.

Skills such as public speaking and writing are fine-tuned in art school as you learn to present your work and take critiques. Plus, creating art requires critical thinking and brainstorming skills that will come in helpful in the business world.

2. Motivation Through Structure

For many creative folks, there’s this dreamy notion of drifting through life and creating art whenever one feels like it. That’s not reality though. Life has a way of interrupting the creative process.

Art school provides you the opportunity to stay focused and on track because you’re steeped in a structured environment that keeps you motivated. And being surrounded by other artists and professors enables you to get feedback and continue to learn new schools more quickly than you would without any sort of structure.

3. Use Of Equipment/Studio Space

One of the hardest aspects of being an artist is the real estate required. For most, studio space isn’t easy to come by. And it’s definitely not cheap.

Attending art school will give you the space you need to practice your art. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to work with equipment to which you’d otherwise not have access.

Of course, your talent may be focused in an area that doesn’t require a lot of space or equipment. Yet having the opportunity to experiment with other mediums provides its own unique brand of inspiration. And it could even open you up to something new.

4. Guidance From Art Professors And Alumni

Creativity can be a lonely endeavor and it’s difficult to know if you’re making any sort of progress. That can be enough to deter you from creating. Art school offers student resources.

In an art school environment, you have exposure to and mentoring from art professors who are accomplished in their field. These relationships can help you discover your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. In addition, you’ll have access to a network of alumni working in your desired field with whom you can connect.

Getting advice from successful artists is invaluable.

5. Access To Internships/Job Opportunities

When professional artists, art departments, and art-related organizations are looking to fill positions, they reach out to art schools. They know that the students coming from art school have learned great technique and have professional portfolios. Plus, some art schools have career centers that can help you find employment.

6. Chance to Exhibit

If you want to make it as an artist, you have to show your art. It’s that simple. When you go to art school, you’ll have the chance to showcase your artwork on a regular basis without having to jockey with other artists to get a gallery show.

Plus, art school exhibitions are open to the public so they’re popular among collectors, art critics, and those seeking bright new talent for employment.

7. A Community Of Like-Minded Folks

When you make the decision to attend art school, you’ll be joining others who are serious about their art. This is tremendously inspirational in helping you stay productive. Plus, camaraderie with other passionate artists will expose you to constructive criticism and new ideas. All of this will benefit your art.

Get A Head Start With An Arts Academy High School

Obviously, if you’re on the road to an artistic career, then there are plenty of reasons to bother with art school.

It offers unique learning experiences and provides a focused education conducive to creating your best work.

And if you’d like to get a taste of an arts-focused education, then contact us today to schedule a tour of our school. Our arts-integrated middle and high school is the perfect place to begin to flourish as an artist.

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